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Many of these offerings are from The Buddhist Publication Society and come to us by way of the DharmaNet Electronic File Archive.   I hope you find these materials useful in your studies.

Vitakka-santhana Sutta  -  Also titled The Removal of Distracting Thoughts this lesson is one of the short discourses of the Buddha, but this version has an extensive commentary that may help some people to understand the lesson.   You should at least read the discourse part, read the commentary as you see fit.

Sutta Nipata  -  This "Discourse Collection" consists of selected texts from the Sutta Nipata.   There are twenty-one separate texts here, some long, some short  -  and all worthy of reading by the serious seeker.

Sammaditthi Sutta  -  One of the most famous of the Buddha's Middle Length Discourses the Sammaditthi Sutta is an excellent teaching on the concept of "Right View."   This piece is divided into two parts, the first part is the Sutta and the second part is the commentary on the Sutta.   This piece is very large, over 3,000 lines of text.

Mahamangala Sutta  -  One of the traditional Suttas (sutras) of the Pali Canon.   What's special about this translation is that it is presented side by side with the original Pali text.   And of course the Sutta is known in English as the Discourse of the Supreme Blessings.

Satipatthana Sutra  -  Here is another of my favorite texts.   It is part of the Satipatthana Sutra, also called "The Four Foundations of Mindfulness."   This is a very interesting translation by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Anapanasati Sutra  -  Here are selections from the Anapanasati Sutra, also known as the "Discourse on the Mindfulness of Breathing."   This is another translation by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.

Culasunnata Sutta  -  This offering is a translation by Ven. Nyanamoli Thera.   This is very difficult reading and is quite advanced by any standards.   Still, it is an excellent lesson on sunnata, if you can handle it.   {grin}

Metta Sutta  -  One of the best known of all the Sutras the Metta Sutta is sub-titled "The Buddha's Words on Kindness" it is a wonderfully concise representation of one of the core beliefs of Buddhism.



In Conclusion

I have found these materials to be particularly helpful while making my way along the middle path.   I hope some of them will help you too.   I have made every effort to appropriately cite the source of the items used here.   As for the effort put into making these pages into HTML, well that's mine and anyone who wants to use them in a Web site of their own is welcome to.   Please do not link to them here instead you should copy them to your site.   The copyright owners have only released these documents for free distribution, so if you plan to use them on a commercial site you should contact the copyright owner listed within the document for permission.


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