Mahamangala Sutta

Discourse of the Supreme Blessings

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Bahu deva manussa ca
Mangalani acintayum
Akankha-mana sotthanam
Bruhi mangala muttamam

Many deities and humans,
yearning after good,
have pondered on Blessings.
Pray, tell me the Supreme Blessings.

Asevana ca balanam
Panditanan ca sevana
Puja ca puja-niyanam
Etam mangala muttamam

Not to follow or associate with the foolish,
to associate with the wise,
and honor those who are worthy of honor.
This is the Supreme Blessing.

Patirupa-desa vaso ca
Pubbe ca kata-punnata
Atta samma panidhi ca
Etam mangala muttamam

To reside in a suitable locality,
to have done meritorious actions in the past,
and to have set oneself on the right course
This is the Supreme Blessing.

Bahu saccanca sippanca
Vinayo ca susikkhito
Subhasita ca ya vaca
Etam mangala muttamam

Vast-learning, perfect handicraft,
a highly trained discipline
and pleasant speech.
This is the Supreme Blessing.

Mata pitu upatthanam
Putta darassa sangaho
Anakula ca kammanta
Etam mangala muttamam

The support of mother and father,
the cherishing of spouse and children
and peaceful occupations.
This is the Supreme Blessings.

Danam ca dhamma-cariya ca
Natakananca sangaho
Anavajjani kammani
Etam mangala muttamam

Liberality, righteous conduct,
the helping of relatives
and blameless action.
This is the Supreme Blessing.

Arati virati papa
Majja-pana ca sannamo
Appa-mado ca dhammesu
Etam mangala muttamam

To cease and abstain from evil,
forbereance with respect to intoxicants
and steadfastness in virtue.
This is the Supreme Blessing.

Garavo ca Sovacassata,
Samana nanca dassanam
Kalena dhamma sakaccha
Etam mangala muttamam

Patience, obedience,
sight of the holy ones
and religious discussions at due season.
This is the Supreme Blessing.

Tapo ca brahma cariyaca
Ariya sacana dassanam
Nibbana sacchi kiriyaca
Etam mangal muttamam

Self-control, pure life,
perception of the Noble Truths
and the realization of Nibbana.
This is the Supreme Blessing.

Putthassa loka dhammehi
Cittam yassa na kampati
Asokam virajam khemam
Etam mangala muttamam

He whose mind does not flutter,
by contact with worldly contigencies,
sorrowless, stainless and secure.
This is the Supreme Blessing.

Eta-disani katvana
Sabbattha maparajita
Sabbattha sotthim gacchanti
Tam tesam mangala-muttamamti

To them, fulfilling matters such as these,
everywhere invincible,
in every way moving happily.
These are the Supreme Blessings.

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DOCUMENT TITLE:   Mahamangala Sutta
OTHER TITLES:   Discourse of the Supreme Blessings
SOURCE:   soc.religion.eastern
DATE:   10 May 1993
THIS ARCHIVE DATE:   7 July 1993
KEYWORDS/ABSTRACT:   Theravada Buddhist sutra in Pali & English

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