Preface to the Third Edition

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This third edition of "Bodhinyana" is an adaptation of the second edition printed by the World Fellowship of Buddhists as "The Practice of Buddhism".   For this new edition we have retained only Ajahn Chah's teachings, thus this is essentially a compilation of the original "Bodhinyana" and a pamphlet called "Fragments of a Teaching and Notes from a Session of Questions and Answers".   This pamphlet was first printed many years ago and has proved to be a very popular and helpful guide for many meditators.   Thus by compiling this new edition we hope our efforts will be of increased benefit.

As regards the translations, we have tried to be as exact as possible with the content of the Teachings but have omitted much of the repetition inevitably arising in oral instruction.   Pali words absorbed into the Thai language have, in the course of time, acquired additional meanings:   e.g.   the Thai "arome" refers to the Pali "Arammana" --sense object or mental impression, but its common meaning is "mood" or "emotion".   The Venerable Ajahn uses these words in both ways and we have translated accordingly.   Finding the middle way between a dull, over-literal approach and a more flowing, but less precise rendering hasn't always been easy.   Each of the various translators has compromised in different ways.   Hopefully we have managed to bring out both the clear simplicity, the directness and the humour of these talks on the one hand, and at the same time, the profundity that underlies and inspires them.

The translators would like to apologize for any passages which remain unclear, or for clumsiness of style.   We trust that this material will provide nourishing contemplation for the growing number of meditators.

May all beings be free from Suffering.

The Sangha, Bung Wai Forest Monastery.

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